A Poignant Love Story from a Distinguished Author

Houston writer Babette Hale’s new story, Motes, appears in the new Southwest Review, vol. 101, no.2.(http://www.smu.edu/SouthwestReview/CurrentBackIssues)

Her fans will be delighted to see the landscape and people of Central Texas, where Hale lives part time, come alive in her vivid imagery and telling details.

One of her previous stories, Drouth, set in the same countryside and published in SWR, was recognized by Best American Short Stories, 2015 as one of the year’s Other Distinguished. You can read it at http://babettefraserhale.com. Click “stories.”

I’m hoping for a collection to be published, but we’ll have to wait because the author is currently immersed in her new novel, a study of memory, love and loyalty in a time of war. A big theme, worthy of a distinguished author’s attention.

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