New Years Resolution: Make the DayBreak Milk Punch for all my favorite people.

A Cajun fishing guide served me the perfect dessert drink. Try it for New Year’s.

Note: this is not the traditional bourbon or brandy version offered in New Orleans restaurants. You do need one special ingredient, “Praline” liqueur, a concoction with a pecan flavor. It’s worth a trip to Spec’s.

For each serving: Mix all this in the blender, serve the guests and sit around the table and talk a little while:

½ c crushed ice

¼ c praline liqueur

¼ c milk or cream

¼ c vanilla ice cream

P.S. Etymology bonus tip: “Gumbo ya-ya,” is a Bayou Country phrase meaning, “everybody talks at once,” which is exactly what happens when the Milk Punch is served.